Stancor Sump Pump System Installed
Custom Stancor Sump Pump



Stancor Sump Pump System

The Stancor pump system was custom built by Power Zone for a water supply pipeline in Western Colorado. The system was installed on the edge of a small reservoir with environmentally protective lining.

The system was designed using a rail system which prevents contact between the pump system and pond lining. Wear in the lining from vibration or normal usage can then be minimized. The rail system also allowed for easy removal of the pump for cleaning and maintenance. By removing pipe segments, the pump could be lifted to the surface without the use of heavy machinery or additional equipment. 

The Stancor pump system shown here is one of three identical systems that were built by Power Zone. All three systems continue to operate today. The systems operate as a charge pump for the pipeline’s pump station located nearby the containment ponds.