Power Zone's GrassHopper Hemp Harvesting Assistant
Building the GrassHopper
Power Zone's GrassHopper





The GrassHopper is part of Power Zone's Agricultural Equipment Projects and custom Solutions.
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Leading the Way to Industrial Hemp Production

There has been very few developments in the way the United States harvests hemp. Changes to regulations concerning hemp production has placed hemp in the frontlines of agricultural discussion. With the sudden need to harvest hemp more efficiently, Power Zone jumped onboard.

The GrassHopper tackled several major harvesting needs and was proven effective this harvest season. The unit is pulled behind a combine to collect and store profitable material. When ready, the hopper can be emptied into a truck for transportation. The unit removes the need to windrow material directly onto the ground. Providing the user with a cleaner collection of material immediately ready for transportation, drying, or processing.

With an all-inclusive design and wireless controls, the GrassHopper can be fitted to any standard combine with minimal adjustments. The wireless system includes controls which can be operated from the cab of the combine. A portable and easily mountable screen provides the operator with four camera views which allows them to make sure all processes of the unit are operational.
Built around capacity, the unit can hold 45 cubic meters of material. Long runs across fields can be completed without overflow. When traveling is required, the unit folds and can be transported on a standard drop-deck trailer. Minimal on-site set-up allows a user to start harvesting with no down-time.

The cost of the GrassHopper is much less expensive than purchasing a double header combine and can be pulled through a field without harvesting the full stalk. Hemp oils and seed can be produced from the first harvesting, and the same equipment can then be used to harvest the remaining stalks. Since no permanent modifications are needed on the combine, one can be rented from local agencies to reduce up-front costs for new farmers.

Colorado’s largest industrial hemp growers contacted Power Zone in July 2016. After a short discussion on harvesting needs, the system was engineered, built, and tested in 8 weeks. In mid-September, the unit was used to collect material for the production of CBD oils. The GrassHopper made the process more efficient and clean. With Power Zone’s engineered design, the GrassHopper helped to harvest large hemp fields with simplicity.