Power Zone has Split

Power Zone Equipment Introduces Power Zone Solutions

Power Zone has split, but not like you would typically think. It’s more like a banana split, so that we can provide you with a bigger metaphorical sundae. 

Our company has always had its roots in used equipment.  By rising up to meet industry needs, we have grown in experience and abilities involving the applications, rebuilding, and testing of equipment. Now we would like to offer you these services individually catered to your needs. 
As a result, Power Zone now has two websites. One for finding the equipment we have in-stock, and one for providing you with up to date information about our services. We can now provide you with more information, case studies of recent projects, and information better suited for your industry.

To keep you informed, our main inventory site will continue to receive updates as well. Our team works hard to keep inventory information current and accurate. In addition, we are working to bring you more information on individual pumps and equipment items. Be sure to check back at our equipment website for a new “Specs” section. 

So which site should you visit? Think about it this way: If you need equipment, go to Inventory.PowerZone.com. And if you need a solution, go to www.PowerZone.com. Or if you need both, then you will be able to easily navigate between them using the links and organization you are already used to.

We are here to provide equipment and services for all of your projects. From starting a project and finding the equipment you need, to starting the equipment on-location, and everything in-between. Now you can easily pick and choose the services that you need for your project. With abilities to meet the needs of your equipment, we have you covered. Now that’s the cherry on top!