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Engineering Calculations

Engineering Calculations for Designing and Building Industrial Fluid Handling Pump Systems

Designing and building pumps and packaged pumps systems involve challenging scenarios where complex pump calculations for any type of fluid handling requirements. These calculations are required for manufacturing and remanufacturing industrial pumps, as well as engineering custom fluid handling solutions. There are several common calculations that are used for many industrial pumps that you will find in oil fields, agriculture, mine operations, and construction. Read More
Power Zone Centrifugal Pump

Understanding the Meaning of Remanufactured Centrifugal Pumps

We answer the most common questions customers have when buying a used centrifugal pump: Why should I buy a remanufactured centrifugal pump rather than a new centrifugal pump? What does repurposing a pump mean? How do I know the pump doesn’t just have a “Paint Job”? Read More
Power Zone Equipment Parts

Parts of a Pump | Components and Workings of a Pump

Pumps are used to move fluids in a variety of applications. From small to big applications mostly everyone is familiar with the type of pump required. However, what makes a pump work? In other words, what are the parts or components of a pump which make it work the way it does? Read More
Rebuilt Impellers and Shaft

New Pump Smell

By Alan Parsons
Business Development Manager


I buy used cars.  My frugal self just can’t part with the extra money it takes to get from “serves my needs well” to “two digits on the odometer”.  I can research the history, the year, and model of the car to see how much maintenance they take compared to others.  And, I can afford more car.


Can the same logic be used for pumps and other rotating equipment?  Well, depends on what you are after.  For pumps, in many cases, the answer is a very strong yes.  The first few reasons are fairly obvious: 

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Why Rentals Might Be the Best Solution for a Project

Rentals: What's the Big Deal?

When an industry needs equipment to finish the job, they often have two choices. They must buy the equipment they need, or find a temporary solution. Finding temporary solutions are becoming to be a stable choice for many companies. Equipment rental industry reports have shown steady growth over the past several years. Projections for the future are also holding steady.

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Power Zone has Split

Power Zone has Split

Power Zone Equipment Introduces Power Zone Solutions

Power Zone has split, but not like you would typically think. It’s more like a banana split, so that we can provide you with a bigger metaphorical sundae. 

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Broken and Damaged Impeller from Pump

Serbia Steel Mill Pump Rebuild

Power Zone overhauled a 4000 horsepower 7 stage descaling pump for a steel mill in eastern Europe.  The mill had three 50% pumps and was in its 5th month awaiting repair in the shop of a major pump OEM.  When the second pump suffered major vibrations, they were forced to operate at a reduced output and needed the second pump repaired quickly.  Power Zone accepted one of its most challenging equipment rebuilds yet, returned the pump to the customer in just 10 weeks.

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