Municipal Pump Packages

Enclosed Packages

Fully Enclosed Pump Station


Whether it is to protect the equipment from the environment, vandalism or to provide a seamless aesthetic look in a community environment, Power Zone Equipment has packaged dozens of pump and piping assemblies in enclosed buildings. Our design engineers provide assemblies that are compact and efficient while still following all spacing codes for equipment. Our electrical engineer ensures electrical components follow local electrical codes and are sized accordingly to provide trouble-free operation. From 4’ enclosures to 40’ buildings, no project is too big or too small for our team.  


Centrifugal Pump Water Station



Vertical Turbine

For applications with low NPSHa or require water supply from a river, lake or pond, Vertical Turbine Pumps are a great way to get your fluid moving. These pumps are reliable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for a cost-conscious project. Power Zone has supplied Vertical turbine pumps across Colorado, providing excellent service with it. From rebuilding an existing turbine pump to supplying a new turbine pump, Power Zone will work with you to ensure you are provided exactly what your project needs at a budget-friendly cost. 


Vertical Turbine Pump Station


Vertical Turbine Water Pump Station