Friction Engine Starters


Friction Starters

Friction Wheel Engine Starters

Friction wheel engine starters, or sometimes called “Happy Starters”, are small, engine driven machines used to start industrial pump jack engines such as Ajax, Arrow, and Kubota. These Happy Starters are powered by a 13 horse power, gasoline Honda engine and use a 6” rubber friction wheel that contacts the pump jack engine flywheel, creating momentum to start the large engine. Designed with simplicity and reliability as the main focus, these friction wheel starters are made for low maintenance and an extended operating life.

Friction Wheel Starter


  • Over 2,000 happy starters sold!
  • Heavy Duty Lever for Foot Operation
  • Replaceable 6” Rubber Friction Wheel
  • Fully Enclosed Belt & Pulley Housing
  • Two Heavy Duty Pillow Block Bearings
  • Automatic Belt Tensioner
  • Easily Bolts to your mounting surface with four bolts
  • Typically in-stock, ready to ship!


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