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Example Pump Rebuild Reports

Power Zone prides themselves in providing comprehensive rebuild reports including photos, steps of each process, and information about each component of each rebuild. Take a look at several of our example rebuild reports and see for yourself!



Ingersoll Rand 3HMTA - 8 Stage

This 3HMTA was rebuilt and re-applied in a boiler feed-water application. The pump received a new base plate and motor which was designed and fabricated simultaneously with the rebuild process. This is one of two duplicate pump packages sent to the customer. Both pumps received testing at Power Zone's facility prior to project completion.

Rebuilt pump casing with protective ceramic coating applied


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Serbia Steel Mill - Union MQF 7

This Union MQF-7 Pump was shipped to Power Zone after the pump failed in service. On initial inspection, it was found that several components went through so much wear that they were missing. The rebuild team assumes that a large piece of steel entering the suction of the pump may have started the initial failure process. Several large pieces of steel, and missing pump components were found lodged within several later stage impellers.

Power Zone rebuilt the missing components, re-bored, cleaned, balanced, and tested the pump in 8 weeks. It was shipped back to the customer and a Power Zone team member was present for on-site commissioning. 

Damaged 1st Stage Impeller, missing wear rings and interstage piece


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