Cavitation Erosion on Cut Water
Re-Cast Impeller
Damaged Impeller from a Catastrophic Failure
Rebuilt Case Ring





Equipment Rebuilding

Rebuilding industrial equipment with exceptional quality


Rebuilt equipment lasts as long as brand new equipment, is lower cost, and is often supplied faster than buying new. Most rebuilds can be completed in as little as eight to twelve weeks! Power Zone has been rebuilding equipment since January of 2000 and can provide guarantees and even tests of their rebuilt equipment. Customer supplied and our in-stock equipment can be rebuilt and tested all in-house by our rebuilding experts.


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Example Rebuild Report


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Catastrophic Failure and Cavitation Impeller Errosion
Re-Cast Impeller Replacement
Damaged Rotating Assembly
Rebuilt and Machined Multistage Pump Shaft
Used and Damaged Case Ring
Replacement Case Ring
Broken Impeller from Catastrophic Damage
Re-Cast Impeller Replacement

“Quality that you can experience”

What would you do if you could add new life to your old equipment? At Power Zone, we’re rebuilding equipment and creating opportunities for our customers. All rebuilds are completed in-house by experienced technicians, machinists, and engineers. We pay close attention to quality and long-term utility as we bring each component back to its OEM standard.

Each rebuild begins with a full analysis that documents each step your Rebuilding Team will take to make your existing equipment function like new again. This means that you’re getting a fully customized experience and that you have a voice in the process. You won’t be charged for unnecessary parts or labor, and we’ll keep you involved as much (or as little!) as you desire.

Power Zone believes that every customer deserves to know exactly how we rebuilt their equipment. We never sacrifice details, and you can expect full documentation, pictures, and reports at the end of every project. Experience peace of mind from quality rebuilds.

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