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Matt Abbey

Matt Abbey - Service Manager | Rental Manager

Matt comes to us with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology from Central Washington University. A Seattle native and O’Dea High School graduate, He entered the equipment industry at 17 years old. He moved from rental equipment through trucks, tour buses, monorail, passenger trains, event design/management, and finally into short line railroad before joining Power Zone. Having lived and worked with equipment and customers from Arizona to Alaska, Matt’s experience and hands-on style of dealing simultaneously with equipment, staff and customers uniquely qualifies him to assist our customers with their machinery whenever and wherever needed. 

Matt and his wife Tammy own HobbyTown in Alamosa. Along with their two kids, the Abbey’s enjoy sharing hobbies and teaching people how to enjoy their free time outside of “the screen”. Matt is a board member of the Alamosa County Local Marketing District, active with their son in Scouting, is a member of the Knights of Columbus, and leads a number of local hobbyist groups involved in Model Railroading and Model Rocketry.

Loren Aldrich

Loren Aldrich - Machinist

Loren has been working as a Tool and Die maker since 1973. After coming to Power Zone in October 2014, he has been applying his knowledge of different materials and machining to all of his machined parts. His experience helps with selecting the right materials for different applications which ensures that Power Zone’s parts will resist corrosion and wear throughout their use. Loren is appreciated for his helpfulness in any situation. He is willing to take time to pass on his knowledge to those around them. He enjoys the well-rounded talent at Power Zone, and the people who he works with say he holds up good morals and standards. In his spare time, Loren enjoys the outdoors, hunting, cars, wood carving, and creating stained glass artwork. Loren always helps bring an encouraging atmosphere to Power Zone and enjoys finding humor in things to keep people in a positive mood.

Jarren Archuleta

Jarren Archuleta - Blasting

Jarren is Power Zone's longest standing employee on the production side of PZE. Jarren never hesitates to stay late to finish up a blasting project when needed. He is willing to put in long hours in Power Zone's blasting facility during cold winter months and in hot summer months. He possesses great blasting skills and an amazing attitude and toughness to go with it. Power Zone is able to depend on Jarren to complete blasting projects quickly, even under large workloads and assignments.

Bryan Bruntz

Bryan Bruntz - Sales Engineer

After graduating from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineer in 2011, Bryan began working as a Project Manager and Engineer at Obermeyer Hydro. He was then hired at Power Zone in November of 2014. Bryan looks after Power Zone’s current projects in the engineering department including taking care of the departments timelines and engineering work. His disciplined engineering approach to both technical designs and business systems provide a solid framework for the company to build on. He takes interest in all parts of Power Zone’s projects and helps to keep projects moving in the right direction with his excellent communication skills. He specifically enjoys the comradery of all of Power Zone’s employees.

Larry Chillson

Larry Chillson - Logistics | HR | Safety

Valerie Claunch

Valerie Kelling - Accountant | Bookkeeper | Receptionist

Valerie joined PZE in August 2014 and quickly took on many roles at the company. She takes care of Power Zone’s accounting paperwork, bookkeeping of expenses, company credit cards, and directing phone calls. Her friendliness is appreciated by anyone who talks to her and she works diligently to ensure customers and vendors are connected to the appropriate departments or people. Valerie enjoys horses, the outdoors, fishing and hiking.

Eric Davis

Eric Davis - Assembly | Service Technician

Eric Davis works hard to learn and grow in his career as a mechanic at Power Zone. Eric is a jovial person who provides us with many good laughs and good times. He is willing to jump into other departments to help out with tasks and brings his upbeat personality with him. Power Zone counts on Eric to keep tools and machinery working. With Eric a part of the team, Power Zone is able to keep forging ahead on projects in all departments. 

Marshall Dickenson

Marshall Dickenson - Welder | Fabricator

Robert Erickson

Robert Erickson - Assembly | Mechanic

Robert is a team member that Power Zone is very grateful to have.His experience with equipment makes him the first choice to send out on service calls. Power Zone can trust that Robert will get even the oldest and most beat up equipment back to operation. His work is recognized by all of Power Zone's customers and he is often requested by name for service calls. At the office, Power Zone relies on Robert for a mechanics advice, specifications on engines and motors, installation of projects, and equipment failure analysis. 

Eric Frey

Eric Frey - Machinist

Eric is an experienced team member with Power Zone and has the ability to jump between machining and fabrication departments. His knowledge about unique systems allows him to be a part of engineering discussions, provide additional information to sales, and increase Power Zone's project design and efficiency. He is often called into meetings to provide additional feedback before hurrying out to continue building Power Zone's pump packages with incredible workmanship.

Brad Heredia Testing Technician

Brad Heredia - Test Technician

Brad was a heavy equipment operator for 20 years before coming to Power Zone Equipment in April of 2012. After gaining experience in Power Zone's assembly shop, he moved into the testing facility. Brad's experience with large equipment gives him the knowledge to get pump packages and engines up and running quickly.  Combined with his work ethic, Brad's experience helps him to fix almost any mechanical problem or technical error. He is appreciated for his hard work and care that he puts into Power Zone's products. His favorite thing about being a part of Power Zone is the Wednesday morning prayer meetings which he attends on a weekly basis. In his spare time, Brad enjoys baseball, football, and fishing.

Drew Hoffstaetter

Drew Hoffstaetter - Parts Manager | Equipment Sales

Drew started at Power Zone Equipment Inc. in April, 2008. With 30 years of experience in selling parts for the automotive and truck industry and later for the pump industry, Drew is knowledgeable in finding the correct part replacement. In working with Power Zone, he has picked up an understanding of pump applications and needs. Drew works hard to respond to parts requests quickly and efficiently to provide any needed parts to customers in as little time as possible. Drew’s sense of humor keeps the office laughing and uplifted. His favorite part of Power Zone are those around him “who seem to be more like family than just coworkers”. After work, Drew enjoys watching and playing sports and being an active part of his local church. Drew is also trained as a surgical technician and once assisted with a brain surgery, although this is not something that he does at Power Zone.

Dustin Maez

Dustin Maez - Pump Shop Supervisor

Aron Martin

Aron Martin - Welder | Fabricator

Brandon Maston

Brandon Maston - Mechanical Engineer | Director of Marketing

Brandon graduated from Colorado State University in 2013 with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and with his masters in 2015. He was hired by Power Zone in May 2014. Brandon helps to design Power Zone’s custom pump packages and produces stepped or predicted centrifugal pump performance curves. He is working to better understand and provide resources for multi-stage centrifugal pumps to be used in analysis and design. He has also become Power Zone’s photographer and marketing director. Brandon enjoys the Godly atmosphere and openness of Power Zone employees to talk about their faith. After hours, Brandon enjoys photography, mountain biking, hiking, learning Spanish, and being active in a local church.

Andy McEwin

Andy McEwin - Pump Mechanic

Andy began working for Power Zone in February 2014. His past experience as a mechanic helps him to apply his knowledge to rebuilding many of Power Zone’s positive displacement pumps and gearboxes. He cares deeply about his work, making sure that everything he rebuilds holds high quality standards. He is appreciated for his dedication in doing things right, making sure that his work will hold up to tough use. He enjoys Power Zone’s atmosphere and in his spare time enjoys hunting and fishing. Andy’s upbeat personality encourages those around him and keeps projects moving forward.

Zack McEwen

Zack McEwen - Welder | Fabrication

After graduating from Trinidad State, Zack began work with Power Zone Equipment in February 2015. Zack works on many of Power Zone’s custom parts such as Power Zone’s mobile tail rolled or permanent foundation skids. Zack learns quickly and is constantly growing in his abilities and welding skills. His growing knowledgebase and eagerness to learn make him able to perform any task he is given. He is greatly appreciated for his politeness, easy going attitude, and his initiative to help others. Zack enjoys the family atmosphere at Power Zone and hiking, fishing, and hunting in his spare time. He has also never seen the ocean.

Max Ng

Max Ng - Pump Engineer | Draftsman

Max came to Power Zone Equipment in July 2013. He graduated with his post grad from Wichita State University in Aerospace Engineering. Max quickly took on designing and drawing many of Power Zone’s custom pump packages. His background in aerospace gives Max a strong understanding of FEA analysis which he often uses to check the strength and durability of Power Zone’s skid and trailer mounted packages. In addition, he often performs inspections on supports and piping spools to ensure strength in both mobile and stationary applications. His CFD background is helping Power Zone to develop in-house fluid analysis programs. His upbeat and friendly personality is enjoyed by his co-workers no matter the task Max is assigned to. His favorite part of Power Zone is that he is able to grow both his technical skills and spiritual life in one place. Outside of the office, Max enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and singing Christmas songs (whether it’s the season or not).

Jay Osmon

Jay Osmon - Sales

Jay began with Power Zone in October of 2011. He takes care of many of Power Zone’s sales for packaged pump units and rental equipment. Working in selling and support of Power Zone’s custom units has given Jay an insight into many of the industries' requirements for pump units. His experience in special applications makes Jay very knowledgeable in pumping applications. Fellow team members appreciate Jay for being enthusiastic and friendly in all areas of his work. These traits make Jay a great fit for his position as he is always excited and willing to help find what the best options for a given pumping application, even when it requires extra research to find the right pump. Before coming to Power Zone, Jay played professional Golf and currently holds the title for the second lowest recorded score. Ask him to play a round next time you come to visit us.

Greg Sanchez

Greg Sanchez - Production Manager

Greg started at Power Zone in December 2006. Through his years here, he has worked and gained experience in fabrication, finishing, steel inventory, and steel sales. He currently supervises and helps to schedule fabrication, blasting, and painting of Power Zone’s equipment and rebuilt pumps. Greg is known as “the shop’s multi-tasker” as he keeps track of many projects simultaneously. His overall view of many projects is well balanced with even the small detail. He takes care of Power Zone’s products making sure that quality is the trend for every component. His strong motivation keeps him going and focused on any project Power Zone is tackling. He enjoys hunting and has been featured in “Muley Crazy’ hunting magazine.

Leonard Sandoval

Leonard Sandoval - Sr. Pump Mechanic

Leonard has been a mechanic since entering the U.S. Army at 17 years old and began working as a mechanic at Power Zone in August of 2007. Leonard has worked on many of Power Zone’s rebuilt machinery including pumps, clutches, and gear boxes. He cares deeply about the quality of the work he does and takes pride in doing his job well. Power Zone takes pride in Leonard’s work; knowing that he has put in the effort to produce the best quality possible in all the he works on. Leonard is also very passionate about his faith in God and cares deeply about others. In his spare time, he enjoys fixing up cars, preaching the gospel, and soul hunting. He is also a preacher in a local church and actively contributes to the Godly atmosphere that he enjoys seeing at Power Zone.

Carson Toews

Carson Toews - Operations Manager

Carson started at Power Zone in July of 2006 as a pump mechanic. Through the years, he worked in many different departments including assembly, parts, inventory, testing, and even engineering. Today, Carson works on scheduling and organization of all of Power Zone’s operations. He keeps track of deadlines and costs to make sure all our services reach our customers in time and on budget. Carson’s favorite part of working with Power Zone is that he is able to work with a great team in a Christian environment. It has been said that Carson is the heart of Power Zone and his enthusiasm for the work here keeps the workplace buzzing with activity. Carson enjoys biking and snowmobiling in his spare time. He also loves playing hockey, a sport he picked up after being born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Don Toews

Don Toews - President & CEO | Sales Manager

Don founded Power Zone Equipment in early 2000 after owning and operating other manufacturing businesses in the oilfield for over 30 years. His vast knowledge in dealing with pumps and industrial manufacturing, combined with a creative, entrepreneurial quest for more opportunity, have been what has shaped Power Zone Equipment into the business it is today. Don’s commitment to the company and his employees inspired him to sell the company to an ESOP in 2012, so that the blessings of the company could be shared with his fellow co-workers and employees. He continues to serve and lead the company to new, challenging opportunities and remains involved with the day to day operations. Don was born and raised in western Canada. He enjoys world traveling and spending time with his family of 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

Danny Villagomez

Danny Villagomez - Painter

Danny began work at Power Zone in March of 2012. He began painting equipment in Power Zone’s small paint booth before the addition of the blast, paint and test facility in 2013. Danny takes care of ordering and inventory of paints and primers, and paints all of Power Zone’s products. He is fast and skilled while still paying attention to details. Danny has been known to stay late to finish painting to help keep projects on or ahead of schedule. After work, he enjoys spending time with his son and biking. He is also working on growing out his beard and holds the record for Power Zone’s best beard.

Joel Villagomez

Joel Villagomez - Assembly | Rebuilding | and beyond!

Joel came to Power Zone in November 2014. He helps to assemble many of Power Zone’s custom built pump packages. He has recently been trained and continues to build his skills in aligning couplers, positioning and mounting sensors, and… Before he became a part of Power Zone, Joel worked in farming where he ran and repaired large machinery. He enjoys the family atmosphere of Power Zone and the closeness of all the employees. Joel often enjoys spending his weekends in the mountains where he likes to go four-wheeling.

Ryan Yost

Ryan Yost - Test Technician

Ryan began working at Power Zone in February 2013. He worked as the yard manager before moving into the assembly department where he learned about the different components of pump package design. Ryan has worked in the testing department since early 2014 and the knowledge he learned in assembly makes him capable of troubleshooting any of Power Zone’s pump packages. Ryan is a fast learner and is able to easily figure out complex problems with equipment. He is appreciated for his willingness to jump into tasks and take care of problems with very little instruction. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys snowboarding and 4-wheeling. When not taking part in his hobbies or testing equipment, Ryan also enjoys sleeping.