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Power Zone's Work Environment FAQs

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the Power Zone work environment, schedule, expectations, and compensation



What are Power Zone's employee benefits?

Employee Compensation
Power Zone values its employees and the employee's family. As a result, the company provides generous compensation to its employees so that they are able to provide well for their families. In addition to base salaries and hourly compensation, the company provides an annual bonus to its employees when it is able to do so. 

Retirement Planning (401K)
Power Zone offers a 401K plan to their employees with a flat rate contribution each year. The employee is not required to contribute to their account to receive employer contributions. Additional services such as financial advising, retirement planning services, and online account access are available to employees through the 401K plan free of charge.

Health Insurance
Power Zone provide our employees with health coverage through the company. Employees who elect to be covered by Power Zone's Health Care Plan receive most of the base cost paid for through the company. The main plan for Power Zone is an HSA and automatic deductions from paychecks may be set up. Additional coverage through the Power Zone Health Care Plan is available for families at the employee's expense. Other coverage such as vision, dental, short-term or long-term disability, and life insurance is also offered through the plan. Employees may purchase insurance through other providers, but Power Zone does not provide additional compensation to do so.

What are Power Zone's PTO policies?

Vacation Time
Power Zone offers employees with accumulating hours towards PTO with each pay period. Employees receive 40 paid vacation hours each year for the first two years and 80 paid vacation hours following their 2 year employment anniversary. Employees are allowed to carry over 120 hours PTO each year. At 10 years from employment date, employees accrue 120 paid vacation hours per year.

Sick Leave
Employees are also given 36 paid sick hours per year but are not allowed to carry unused days from year to year.

Power Zone provides 24 paid bereavement hours for the loss of blood family. Employees are encouraged to take PTO vacation days or unpaid days as necessary for bereavement.

Holiday Pay
Power Zone observes the following holidays:

  • New Years Day (January 1st)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor Day (First Monday in September)
  • Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday of November)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)

Full-time, active employees are paid for time off on the observance of the above holiday. In the event that a holiday falls on a weekend, either the preceding Friday or following Monday will be used as an observance for time off for the holiday.

Unpaid Time Off
Power Zone expects their employees to spend time with family but is unable to offer additional paid time off. They understand that additional days off may be necessary is flexible with unpaid vacation hours. Power Zone allows employees to use unpaid time of as needed with prior authorization.

Does Power Zone provide shop employees with tools and uniforms?

Power Zone provides shop employees with shop uniforms. The company offers a tool allowance to shop employees on a yearly basis. Employees are expected to use the tool allowance for personal tools, tool repair, and additional personal protection equipment not provided for by the employee. Purchasing tools is not required and Power Zone has company owned tools for use by employees when needed. Many of Power Zone's employees enjoy the convenience of providing their own tools and use the tool allowance as needed.

Does Power Zone provide office employees with uniforms?

Office employees are given an allowance for the purchase of company related office equipment, clothing, and additional personal protection equipment not provided by the company.

What is Power Zone's culture?

The offices and shop at Power Zone is a relaxed but professional business environment. Office employees are expected to dress in business casual attire and shop employees in Power Zone provided uniforms. The company often views its employees more as a family rather than a number which creates a unique atmosphere. Employees are encouraged to get to know each other through company sponsored barbecues, monthly team meetings, and open door policies. Employees participate in events together including hockey games, exercise routines, and office pranks. Many Power Zone team members state that their favorite aspect of Power Zone is the comradery between employees. 

As a small company, employees are asked to participate in many areas of the company. Members of fabrication are often asked to participate in engineering design meetings, the front desk in coordinating a barbecue, and engineering in writing this page on frequently asked questions. This style of work environment provides many opportunities to its employees for growth and learning. Employees have the opportunity to move to other departments of the company, receive additional training, and grow in the business.

Power Zone asks its employees to remain flexible and open. Since the business is focused on custom equipment, no project is exactly the same. Out of the box thinking, individual decision making, and flexibility to new ideas is essential for each employee. When particularly large projects are encountered, team members may be moved temporarily to other departments. Employees will need to learn and adapt quickly in order to create on-time, quality products.

The company allows individual employees to provide suggestions for efficiency, products, and culture. A suggestion box is located in the break room and allows employees to anonymously make suggestions to the company. The open door policy also allows individual employees to discuss suggestions and concerns directly with Power Zone's CEO, Operations Manager, or other department managers. On a monthly basis, Power Zone holds a huddle to review company finances, expenses, profits, and KPI's. Employees are expected to attend, participate, and ask questions during each huddle.

The company's culture urges employees to dig deeper. With a majority of Power Zone's employees having Christian backgrounds, employees often engage in conversations about life, death, and God. Power Zone asks employees to remain open to new ideas and be willing to talk about personal beliefs or feelings as they are comfortable. Employees are also asked not to pursue conversation beyond another's level of comfort. To help engage employees in conversation, Power Zone offers a weekly prayer meeting for those interested in attending.

Are there opportunities for continued learning?

Power Zone provides continued learning opportunities for its employees as needed. For example, welders may be trained or asked to practice stainless steel welding so that they can obtain stainless welding certifications. Accounting may be asked to attend online training for new tax regulations. Power Zone covers training expenses when required by the company. Non-essential training or education may be negotiated on an individual basis.

What happened to Power Zone being Employee Owned?

Power Zone became an ESOP in January 2012 and was purchased in December 2016. The original stockholders and the board had expectations that the Employee Ownership Program would deliver employees with higher benefits. After analysis in 2016, the company's board of directors decided that better benefits could be given to its employees as a privately held company. The company was repurchased by the original owners and the Employee Stock Purchases were transferred into Power Zone's 401K Profit Sharing Plan.

Power Zone's owners hope that many aspects of the Employee Ownership continue under the privately held company. Employees are still encouraged to take pride in their work, provide suggestions to the company, and help the company to grow for the benefit of all its employees. Power Zone's owners do not view private ownership as a removal of benefits, but an opportunity to share more benefits with its employees. As stated by Power Zone's CEO: 

"Power Zone was started to be a blessing to its employees and the community. We have no desire for that to change".