The Power Zone assembly department is closely connected to our fabrication department. Since we strive to meet such short lead times, parts are often still being made while assembly is working to assemble our customized solutions. Depending on how short the lead time is, it may be an all-hands-on-deck situation, where we pull in other departments to help get a functional product out the door in an equipment emergency. Other company's have a tough time budging to shorten their lead times. At Power Zone, we work for you and get it to you in whatever time frame is necessary.

In general, Power Zone has two projects in it's two assembly bays at a time. This increases our efficiency and focus to ensure your project stays on track.

The assembly shop is perhaps the most visited place in all of Power Zone. This is where we see the full scale of a project as all the pieces begin to fit together. We could advertise it as a sight-seeing stop along 285, but decided against it. 

As the projects comes together, our project managers stay nearby to make sure all the pieces are functioning properly. It is in this stage that Power Zone double and triple checks all aspects of the project to ensure exceptional quality. After being assembled, projects are usually sent off to testing to prove the quality of our work.

Many of our team members began in the assembly department where they learned about the equipment, the systems necessary for them to operate, and what is required to deliver a fully functioning product. Our sales team has even worked on many of Power Zone's projects. We feel this gives them the additional knowledge to make sure they provide you with the right systems for the right applications. We make sure that our team is knowledgeable to provide you with the best service possible.