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International Reach

Power Zone Equipment provides specialty equipment services across the globe: custom designed equipment packages, engineering and consulting, parts, rebuilding, testing, and more. In the 17 years of business, Power Zone has provided industrial equipment services to the following countries:

Map of locations in which Power Zone has provided services since 2000



Power Zone was established in January 2001 by CEO Don Toews and his son, Trevor Toews. The Father-Son team began by buying and selling used, as-is equipment. When their customers developed a need, the team stepped up to provide a solution. First by rebuilding pumps, then by packaging equipment. In only a few short years, the team had expanded to include mechanics, welders, salesmen, and machinists. By 2014, Power Zone had grown to the solutions provider it is today and has no plans to stop there. When the needs arise, the company has stepped up to fulfill them which has included the building of a testing facility, finishing facility, and additional land for storage and working space.

History by Trevor Toews

Core Values

Integrity – Power Zone conducts business in an honest and ethical manner
Excellence – We strive for excellence in our products, from initial engineering through the craftsmanship of our final product.
Open Communication – We work to keep our communications clear and complete, keeping customers apprised of our progress in developing products, quotes, documentation, or just answers to basic questions.   
Teamwork - We endeavor to maintain a culture of openness and participation, capitalizing on the experience and talents of each employee within the company.
Acknowledging God – While we understand that our company is worthy of our best efforts, we also acknowledge that there is a Higher Power that is ultimately more important.

Mission Statement

Purchasing, Re-Purposing, and Re-Packaging pre-owned industrial equipment with a focus on pumps, we offer our customers reliable custom engineered equipment packages with shorter lead times and lower prices than traditional pump OEMs.  We work closely with our clients to define the parameters of each application and to cooperatively develop a complete system solution. We constantly upgrade our in-house capabilities (knowledge, techniques, and physical plant) to address larger and more complex systems.