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Research and Development

R&D is a process. It takes time, money, and experience that you don’t want to worry about. It’s time to shift the burden. With 14 years of design, engineering, fabrication services, and testing, PZE can take care of the R&D and transform your dream into reality. Count on PZE to be a trusted partner that will not only shoulder the workload behind R&D, but also protect your IP, perfect your methods, and transfer the knowledge efficiently and effectively.

Your company’s growth is our priority.


R&D Services


Test Loop Design, Fabrication, and Installation

  • Pump Testing
  • Hydraulic Turbine Testing
  • Custom Designs


One-Off Design and Fabrication

  • No Minimum Orders
  • Engineering Assistance
  • Specialized Projects


Product Testing

  • Custom Designed Testing Procedures
  • Witnessed Testing


Control Systems

  • Custom Designed PLC Systems
  • Instrumentation Selection
  • Custom Programmed Systems
  • Instrumentation Wiring and Cabinet Design


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R and D Services


Energy Recovery Inc VorTeq Hydraulic Pump System


Power Zone was originally contacted by Energy Recovery for a pump in fall of 2013. After a call on Tuesday, Power Zone’s operations manager was in Energy Recovery’s California office on Friday. After some discussion, Power Zone was not only to provide a pump, but an entire…

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