The Energy Recovery Inc VorTeq Hydraulic Pump System
The UEA Project
The Mobile Booster Unit
The GrassHopper






Recent Projects

Emergency Dewatering Pump

Emergency Dewatering Pump in West Africa

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UEA Project

UEA Project

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Aplex MA-95M

When There's Need for Speed

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Multiphase pump unit

Well Blow Down Unit

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3D Model of the Mobile Booster Pump Station

The Mobile Booster

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Stancor Sump Pump

Stancor Sump Pump System

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Secure Energy Enclosed Salt Water Disposal Unit

Enclosed Salt Water Disposal Unit

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Power Zone's GrassHopper Hemp Harvesting Assistant

The GrassHopper

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Emergency De-watering Pump

In less than two weeks, this pump was installed and ready to begin pumping out the flooding of a gold mine in Guana, Africa

See the emergency de-watering pump

The GrassHopper

The first of its kind harvesting equipment tackles several major needs for industrial hemp production...

See the GrassHopper

UEA Project

The pump package shown here was included the remodeling of an existing set up, an engine and pump rebuild, and the addition of a hydraulic lift system.

See the UEA Project

Aplex MA-95M Rush Order

From receiving the P.O., Power Zone rebuilt, packaged, tested, and shipped this MA-95M pump package in only 1 week!

See the Aplex MA-95M Rush Order

Blow Down Unit

The Multi-Phase Blow Down Unit or BDU was first designed in 2012 by Power Zone Equipment and was the first unit of its kind for Gas Well Deliquification.

See the Blow Down Unit for Leistritz

ANSI Pump Sump System

Rebuilt from a used ANSI pump, the sump pump unit was designed for a customized depth and mounting application.

See the ANSI Pump Sump System

Mobile Booster Pump Station

Designed for a variable flow and pressure hydraulic fracturing water supply pipeline, the Mobile Booster is durable, enclosed, and portable.

See the Mobile Booster

Stancor Sump Pump System


See the Stancor Sump Pump

Portable Enclosed Salt Water Disposal Unit

Fully enclosed, salt water disposal unit equipped with its own generator, bag filters, charge pump system, and quintuplex pump.

See the Enclosed Salt Water Disposal Unit